Recharge & Renew Coaching Retreat

5-9 October, 2023

A four nights community retreat experience designed to help you intentionally seal the Summer season and land into Autumn.

Deepen Your Relationships and Find Inner Clarity. Join our Group Coaching, Yoga, and Meditation Retreat in the beautiful Spanish coastal town of Roda de Bará.

Inner Exploration

Alongside sun, fun, connection and tranquillity, this retreat will inspire you to get in touch with the deepest parts of yourself.

The workshops we provide will focus on self-inquiry and offer you the opportunity to gain clarity and reshape your vision in the areas of life that are most important to you.

Daily Activities

• Themed workshops with group discussion and coaching.

• Morning Yoga focussing on alignment and mind-body awareness.

• Daily vegetarian, locally sourced meals.

• Evening sound relaxation with soothing head massage bedtime sessions.

More to Enjoy

Plenty of free time to rest by the garden pool at our peaceful retreat home, or take a short 10 minute walk to enjoy the beach.

Indulge in reflection, daily personal growth and group coaching.

Explore the area, connect with fellow retreaters, read, get creative or simply ‘be’!


Hey! I’m Erica. I help people create strong, rich and fulfilling relationships – starting with the one they have with themselves.

I believe that real transformation and satisfaction take place inside ourselves, and my mission today is to help the humans in my world generate meaning and freedom by encouraging self-exploration.

I offer a way forward for people from all walks of life and wellness professionals who feel stuck, who want to free themselves from internal blocks and grow from the inside out.

My approach is defined by the desire to deepen surface level connections, helping people feel seen and ‚known‘, while offering resources, personalised guidance and long-lasting benefit to the individuals I closely works with.

Erica is a UK based licenced Relationship Coach, Self Discovery Mentor, Complementary Body Therapist & Yoga Instructor determined to make the world a more deeply connected place.


Elisabeth’s mission is to empower people to see themselves as their most valuable resource and actively shape their lives, including through inner child work.

Her hands-on, creative approach to coaching is tailored to bring out the unique talents and strengths of each individual, helping them build confidence, release the past, and explore new perspectives.

Whether you’re seeking to take charge of your life and heal your inner child and experience personal transformation, Elisabeth’s expertise and empathy will guide you on the journey.

When she’s not coaching, Elisabeth indulges in her passions for classical music, dance, theatre, travel, reading, and endurance sports.

Elisabeth is based in Vienna, Austria and is a Certified Professional Coach, CORE Leadership Dynamics Specialist, and psychosocial counsellor with over a decade of experience in personal development.

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5-9 October, 2023

Our beautiful retreat home can host up to 11 guests and rooms are available for single or double occupancy.

Early Bird prices start at €590/£520